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    Jason Norton
    August 18, 2021

    If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. My adult daughter went in today for Covid symptom management. She was scared and didn't want to stay there without her mother. NURSE BERATED HER FOR BEING FRIGHTENED and not wanting to be there alone. Very disrespectful and rude! They left. If that's the kind of attitude shown to a patient within the first half hour, why would you stay. At that point, their confidence was pretty low. Screw that place.

    John Holman
    August 11, 2021

    I was here a week after my accident. I asked to come here the people are amazing very nice and professional. They even let my wife stay with me

    Suanne Pool
    June 08, 2021

    Was there yesterday morning. If you do not have insurance don’t bother. The nurse may as well have said “we don’t want you here” and that would have been fine. Rude, rough, told me that I have no idea if I am dehydrated because a medical professional can only diagnose that. Excuse me?? I know what dehydration is and when it happens. I was given zero help other than the labs done to take elsewhere later. I left throwing up and crying in pain all of the way home. Cat scan said i have an ovarian cyst. I DONT have ovaries. ????? After reading the reviews of how we are treated without insurance there, we should probably gather together and sue them for being biased. I did not want drugs, made that clear no opioids. But something for nausea and a little kindness would have been nice. Also, when a patient is very sick with nausea it would be great if the nurses station would not sit and talk in detail about what they are going to order for breakfast 10 feet away from me when I’m begging for a sheet to cover myself. No respect at all. I will not go there again. And am telling everyone I know what happened. But seems most of them already know. Something big needs to change. Starting with their warped idea that no insurance means you are drug seeking. I have had insurance until my divorce. The difference in treatment is night and day. The nurse yesterday needs to go into a different field not working with people at all. Perhaps a prison nurse? Because the other conversation the nurses station was all about making the most money and how much she is earning there, etc. very inappropriate conversation to have out loud about your pay and comparison. Very tacky and proves her personality. Meanwhile I’m at home still sick. She’s probably there right now treating someone dreadful, and I hope they are not elderly that cannot stand up for themselves.

    Deborah Stroud
    July 07, 2021

    My husband was experiencing heart attack symptoms (Extreme chest pressure and shortness of breath). We are new to Sherman and live off 1417 in SW Sherman. My husband told me he drive past a hospital off of Hwy. 56 snd to drive him to that ER since it was close. From the moment we arrived it was a nightmare! The RN who came in his room to take vitals and start an IV kept asking him questions and he could barely breathe. He asked them to come get his wife (me) from the waiting room, the RN stick my husband 5 times to try to start an IV. My husband got very upset and told her to get someone who knew his to give an IV. This made the nurse really angry as bd sh Ed lashed out at him and told him everyone there knew what they were doing and if he would calm down, they could get their job done. My husband tried to tell her he was anemic and his blood hemoglobin was low 8 grams and that could be the reason fir his symptoms. She told him that wasn’t low at all and would have nothing to do with his symptoms. She proceeded to tell him snd me that he was have an anxiety attack and that his EKG was normal. He was finally sent home was a diagnosis of walking pneumonia for which he had no symptoms. Everything he tried to tell the ER staff was dismissed. This one RN in particular was so rude, unprofessional and treated my husband with hostility and dismissiveness. Fast forward 3 weeks…my husband was having a heart attack! He ended up at Texoma Medical Center presenting the same symptoms as he had at Wilson Jones! After their thorough testing, they diagnosed a heart attack and ordered a Heart Catheterization. During the heart cath they found his right coronary artery was 95% blocked and inserted a stent to save his life. At Wilson Jones, My husband was told over and over again he was hyperventilating and he needed to calm down because he was causing his chest pains and shortness of breath! We have reported our concerns and complete dissatisfaction for the unprofessional way we were treated and the total lack of accuracy on his condition and diagnosis. We have requested my husband’s medical records from that night to see if Wilson Jones administered a Tropnin T protein test to determine whether or not my husband was having a heart attack. I hope fir their sake they did!! If you are having heart attack symptoms, DO NOT GO TO WILSON JONES!

    Michelle Flores
    December 30, 2020

    I had a procedure on 12/28 and I can honestly say that the day surgery nurses and staff are amazing! The took care of me with compassion with a little bit of humor rolled in. I needed that as my procedure wasn't the most pleasant thing to go through. Thank you Robin!

    Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center- Emergency Room

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    500 N Highland Ave, Sherman, TX 75092, USA

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